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04.12.2023 - 05.24.2023


Webflow Developer


The Schulz Inc website successfully encapsulates the legacy and craftsmanship of Justin Schulz's homebuilding business, enhanced by SEO optimization and a visually stunning project showcase, significantly boosting their online presence and local market visibility.
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Project Goal:Schulz Inc, under the leadership of founder Justin Schulz, sought to revamp and elevate their online presence, reflecting the company’s commitment to building legacy homes. The objective was to create a website that not only showcases their craftsmanship but also resonates with their vision of enduring quality and excellence.

Design and User Experience:

  • Legacy-Focused Design: The website was crafted with a design that echoes the ethos of Schulz Inc – creating lasting legacies through homebuilding. This was achieved by combining a sophisticated aesthetic with an intuitive user interface, ensuring the company’s values are palpably felt through the digital experience.
  • Project Showcases with Stunning Imagery: A key feature of the site is the project showcase section. Here, visitors can explore major projects completed by Schulz Inc, highlighted through high-quality, captivating photographs that bring the company’s work to life.

SEO and Content Strategy:

  • Local SEO Optimization: The website was meticulously optimized for local SEO, ensuring that Schulz Inc stands out in its regional market. This included the development of dedicated service pages, each tailored to rank for specific homebuilding-related keywords in their local area.
  • Informative Blog Section: The addition of a blog provides ongoing value, offering insights into homebuilding trends, tips, and company news. This not only aids in SEO efforts but also establishes Schulz Inc as an authority in the homebuilding sector.

Conclusion:The new website for Schulz Inc is more than just a digital space; it's a reflection of the company's dedication to creating homes that are not just structures but enduring legacies. With its sophisticated design, comprehensive SEO strategy, and a gallery of striking project images, the site effectively communicates the quality and craftsmanship that Schulz Inc brings to every project.

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