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Chris Palumbo

Freelance Product Manager
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Currently In: Niagara, Ontario

I am a freelance digital product manager who manages every aspect of product development from discovery to maintenance. While I don't employ anyone directly, I coordinate a network of skilled freelancers to deliver outstanding results at a fair price. With my expertise, businesses can build amazing products that drive success and innovation.

My Services

My Process

My Approach

I specialize in true product management, working with clients over extended periods to iteratively build and refine products.

Step 1

Product Discovery

Understanding your needs and defining the overall product vision.

Step 2


Creating a roadmap to guide the development process.

Step 3

Design & Development

Coordinating a network of expert freelancers to bring your product to life.

Step 4


Ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.

Step 5

Testing & Iteration

Continuously improving the product based on feedback and performance.

My Work

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In today's competitive landscape, technology is the key differentiator. Whether it's enhancing customer satisfaction or streamlining business operations, tech plays a critical role in setting your business apart.

As a business owner, you might not realize that your primary competition leverages technology to stay ahead. From boosting overall customer satisfaction to improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, the impact of tech on your business is immense.


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