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01.11.2022 - 01.02.2023


Wix Developer


The Mackenzie Group's website, inspired by their stylish in-office guides, successfully delivers a magazine-like, user-friendly digital experience, enhancing their real estate brand's online presence with functional MLS integration, individualized agent pages, and targeted SEO for Niagara.
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Project Overview:The website development for The Mackenzie Group was an exciting project that sought to translate their already established and appealing brand into a digital format. Drawing inspiration from their in-office buyers and sellers guide, the website was designed to emulate a magazine-style layout, offering an engaging and visually pleasing experience for real estate clientele.

Design and User Experience:

  • Magazine-Style Aesthetics: The website captures the elegance and readability of a high-end magazine, providing an appealing visual journey that complements the real estate browsing experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Emphasizing functionality, the site offers an intuitive and seamless user experience, making property searches and information access straightforward for visitors.

Functionality and Integration:

  • Interactive Property Search: Features like map and area search tools allow users to easily find properties in specific Niagara regions.
  • MLS Integration with iHomeFinder: Automatic listing updates are synced with MLS, ensuring real-time property information availability.
  • Localized Market Reports: Detailed market reports for various areas in Niagara provide valuable insights for potential buyers and sellers.

SEO and Content Strategy:

  • Targeted SEO for Niagara Real Estate: The site is optimized for search engines with a focus on keywords related to real estate in the Niagara region, aiming to attract a relevant audience.

Advanced Features:

  • Call Scheduling Functionality: This feature streamlines the process of connecting with clients, adding convenience and efficiency to the user experience.
  • Diverse Landing Pages: Multiple landing pages were set up to cater to different sales funnels and paid advertising strategies, optimizing conversion rates and marketing efficiency.

Conclusion:The website for The Mackenzie Group successfully embodies the spirit of their brand, offering a unique, magazine-style digital platform that is both highly functional and user-friendly. It stands as a sophisticated tool for real estate discovery in Niagara, effectively combining aesthetic appeal with practical real estate solutions.

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