335 on the Ridge


04.08.2023 - 05.09.2023


Webflow Developer


The 335 on the Ridge website, mirroring the restaurant's fine dining experience, significantly drew visitors from wider areas, boosted by its elegant design, SEO focus on keywords like 'fine-dining', and integrated online ordering.
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The primary goal for the 335 on the Ridge website was to digitally encapsulate the exquisite fine-dining experience that the restaurant is renowned for. The underlying thesis was that a website mirroring the high-class ambiance and culinary excellence of the restaurant would attract diners from neighboring towns like Niagara Falls and St. Catherines, making the restaurant a sought-after destination.

Execution and Impact:

  • High-Class Web Experience: The website was designed to be the digital counterpart of the restaurant’s sophisticated and refined dining experience. This approach paid off, as the restaurant has seen an increase in visitors from surrounding areas, confirming the website's effectiveness in generating hype and interest.
  • Online Ordering System: Integration with provided the restaurant with a more sustainable online ordering system, moving away from the commission-based models of UberEats and DoorDash to a monthly payment model, aligning better with the restaurant's business needs.
  • Menu and Culinary Showcase: The website prominently featured the restaurant's menu, showcasing their exquisite dishes in a manner that reflects the quality and appeal of their offerings.
  • SEO Strategy: Focused on high-traffic keywords previously missing from their digital presence, such as 'fine-dining', 'farm-to-table', 'healthy food', and 'organic restaurant', the website was optimized to attract a more targeted audience.
  • Blog Articles Section: Adding a blog section provided a platform for storytelling, sharing culinary insights, and engaging with food enthusiasts, further enhancing the website's appeal and SEO.
  • Reviews Page: Recognizing the power of customer testimonials, a dedicated page for reviews was included, showcasing the positive experiences of diners and enhancing the restaurant’s credibility and allure.

Conclusion:The 335 on the Ridge website successfully mirrors the restaurant's fine dining experience, extending its elegance and sophistication into the digital realm. This project not only elevated the restaurant's online presence but also played a crucial role in expanding its customer base and reinforcing its reputation as a premier dining destination in the region.

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